Braun Collection Launches BizBios®

December 10, 2019


CONTACT: Laura Sheridan

Cleveland, OH – December 10, 2019 – The premier business biographers at Braun Ink launched BizBios artistic flash cards for business enthusiasts – each packet of cards features art, education and entertainment. BizBios cards succinctly tell the stories of iconic business leaders who are “first, best, biggest, or most” in global business. The cards feature executives of all backgrounds, ages and geographies, who run companies with revenues over $3 billion.

Each BizBio has 6 custom icons and 50 carefully considered words. BizBio card packs are available printed or digitally in sets of 25 or 50.

“We created BizBios to provide business enthusiasts with a fast and fun way to learn about the legacies of business icons. You can do a lot with these cards – get up to speed on a cross section of CEOs, use them as conversation starters, appreciate the art of the custom icons, and notice similarities and differences among executives.” Rebecca Braun, president of Braun Ink, said.

A team of researchers, illustrators, designers, writers, and editors created the popular BizBios. For instance, one illustrator hails from Norwich, UK, and is a DJ whose art has been featured in the New York Times; some researchers are work study students and an Ohio business journalist reinventing her career (considering the decline of daily newspapers); and an editor is a leading celebrity ghostwriter. The cross-section of contributors to the cards, and of CEOs covered, leads to attractive, quirky, unique cards.

Braun said, “The inspiration for BizBios is a combination of Mad Magazine emoji biographies; Asian art; Korean epitaphs; and Wall Street Journal Hedcut images.”

BizBios are part of the Braun Collection, business leaders’ action-packed stories offered in a variety of formats.

About the Braun Collection

Developed for business professors, teachers and students, the Braun Collection consists of business leaders’ action-packed stories offered in several formats. This customized approach allows leadership training professionals, professors and other instructors to pick the formats that work best for their students. Immersive and experiential, the entertaining memoirs and biographies come with teaching notes and represent a contemporary alternative to the single-format business case study.

The Braun Collection includes books with short, action-packed chapters; comic books for visual engagement; presentations; chapter summaries; study guides; video visits with author-executives, and BizBios.

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