Comic Books

Entertaining & Visually Inviting Biographies

Our custom-crafted comic books are effective because many people are visual thinkers. The images we create for comic books range from digital graphics to pencil drawings to richly colored cartoons. Our comic books often feature multiple visual approaches, which increase the resonance of the story for the reader.

Our comic books are short, go deep fast, and deliver insights for a variety of audiences in many formats. Readers who use iPhones and Androids love comic books because they can easily scroll and quickly capture the story’s essence and main ideas. Event planners love the printed booklet and framed print versions because they are a wonderful honoree gift and audience take-away. Clients also tell us they appreciate the option of collecting and displaying these works of art.

Our comic books are a fun alternative to other storytelling approaches. After we develop your custom comic book, we can produce it in the three synergistic formats below.


The booklet format looks like a comic book or pamphlet. Clients use these booklets as event handouts, presentation leave-behinds, and other creative ways. Rolled up and tied with a ribbon or ring, these booklets add color, look festive, and tell an engaging story.


In the e-booklet format, Braun Ink storyboards can be posted on websites, distributed through social media, and viewed again and again on computers, tablets, and phones.

Framed Print

Our designers create framed prints by putting together the panels from a storyboard into a visually engaging poster format. We often create extra-large framed prints for the purpose of honoring someone. We also produce smaller versions in simple frames that can be purchased and collected like magazine covers and other print series.