Working With Braun Ink – Our Operating Style

At Braun Ink, we speak and act with honesty and have respect for all people. Additionally, our clients, colleagues, and partners can expect us to be:

  • Decisive – We work with urgency; we make decisions; and we keep moving.
  • Resourceful – We access experts and knowledge so that we solve problems and generate answers.
  • Experimental – We encourage and test new styles, structures, and ideas in our work.
  • Skilled – We do our work with effort, care and technical knowledge. We’re artisans.
  • Substantive – We are drawn to and we shape topics of meaning and substance.

My family is grateful for all you have done for us. The memoir, of course, is priceless and such a gift to us, to the grandchildren and to so many of my dad’s friends. His memory, legacy and stories live on through the book in a way we couldn’t have imagined.*

*As a ghostwriting firm, Braun Ink doesn’t aggressively publicize kudos for books it has ghostwritten; for instance, we don’t place the names of books next to kudos, so as to keep them anonymous. However, we do post and celebrate the kudos!
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