The Braun Collection

True Business Adventure Tales, Comic Books, and Conversation Cards

The Braun Collection is a small, growing suite of True Business Adventure Tales, comic books, and conversation cards that intimately acquaint business enthusiasts with leaders across industries and geographies. Our action-packed tales and visual stories go deep fast to uncover the lives, backgrounds, obstacles, opportunities, and best and worst ideas of the decision-makers who have changed business. For coaches and educators, our products include teaching tools such as teaching notes, presentations, short videos, and LIVE VIDEO VISITS with authors and subjects of the books and comic books..

Readers of our books and comic books learn to synthesize and summarize key patterns of business executives, develop and support arguments on a variety of business topics, and show curiosity about the decisions made and not made by CEOs.

In short, Braun Collection books, comic books, and conversation cards show decision-making as it is applied in practice by an executive across an organization throughout a career.


  • A new True Business Adventure Tale SALES FIRST!: Growing Our Company the Old-Fashioned Way, the ColorMatrix Story by John Haugh and Mike Shaughnessy. Available Sept. 30, 2020 at this site and on Amazon.
  • A new Comic Book Talk about a Bail-Out!: a Custom Rubber Case Study. Available Oct. 15, 2020 at this site.

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Comic Books


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