Why We Created the BizBio, The Short Form Visual Bio

April 30, 2019

Ever since I switched from linguistics to business, I have been very interested in the people of business around the world and how they’re, to paraphrase a friend, “just doing business.” I’m more fascinated by the who of business than the what, when, where, or how. I believe that as important as developing a great product, a powerful vision, or a big mission, is the legacy a business person thinks about leaving. In business, we leave our legacy through sustained results that serve a purpose−not always a noble purpose, but a purpose nonetheless.

The BizBio is my way of sorting through information overload−the many details on Wikipedia, Bloomberg Executive Profiles, LinkedIn, in analyst reports, on social media, and more. BizBios represent the forest, not the trees. They force us to stay focused on the big picture of what a world business leader is striving to achieve.

The people we feature in BizBios are the “first, biggest, best, or most” in some way, when it comes to business. We created a BizBio on Indra Nooyi because she was one of the first female leaders of a Fortune-500 company, and she consistently ranks among the world’s 100 most powerful women. Big picture, she successfully helped categorize and rebrand Pepsi’s business for a changing consumer market.

Indra Nooyi

Dara Khosrowshahi

We created a BizBio on Dara Khosrowshahi because he is CEO of one of the world’s highest profile gig-economy companies, Uber. He’s charged with improving the employee culture and growing consumer trust as well as being a resonant leader relating to the societal issues of big tech and the gig economy.

We release at least one BizBio every week on leaders good, bad, or, possibly (rarely) indifferent. Our awesome team of gig-economy professionals here at Braun Ink help research and draw the icons for the BizBios. I’m very thankful for their skills, and hope that our work informs and inspires you and your work.