Engaging, Online CEO Stories for Business Profs

March 16, 2020

Hello Educators!

You have been challenged with continuing to provide a world class educational experience using only online tools. We offer online educational tools that might be just right to fill in your gaps in content.

You have enough to worry about and the cost of new educational tools shouldn’t be on the list. That’s why we’re offering our online business educational tools at a discount averaging 80%.

These products come with Teaching Packets that include Presentations, Chapter Summaries, Discussion Guides, Short Videos and LIVE VIDEO VISITS by the CEOs for books and comic books. They are immediately downloadable and simple to post for your students. We are priced to serve you and students. Please note that these prices are at a discount averaging 80%.

  • E-books by CEOs: $1.99/download ($8.99 list price)
  • E-comic books: $.79/download ($1.99 list price)
  • BizBios: $2.99/download for a 50-card pack ($15 list price)

Special March 2020 Pricing

True Business Adventure Tale

Short and engaging e-books by CEOs that teach LEADERSHIP, STRATEGY, and ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

E-comic books

Visually fun stories which are quick 5-minute reads and cover LEADERSHIP, STRATEGY, AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP.


Trading-card sized visual biographies of CEOs in both printed and digital formats that cover LEADERSHIP & LEGACY.

Want quick & easy help adding these to your syllabus?

Please email info@braunink.com with your name and phone number and basic information on your needs. We’ll call you back right away to discuss your specific content needs and provide you with a link for your tailored business content.

Please note that an inability to pay will not stop our commitment to helping you and your students access great online educational tools. Contact us so we can talk about your specific needs.

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