The Braun Collection

Multi-Format Business Case Studies with Executive Backstories

The Braun Collection is a growing suite of executive biographies and memoirs that intimately acquaint global business people with executives and entrepreneurs across industries and geographies. These skillfully written, action-packed books go deep fast to uncover the lives, backgrounds, obstacles, opportunities, and best and worst ideas of the decision-makers who have changed the business landscape. The biographies and memoirs include companion pieces such as presentations, videos, chapter summaries and study guides.

Braun Ink developed this approach to business ‘case studies’ because content is much more effectively absorbed when people relate to it on multiple levels. The result is a well-rounded executive story that artfully engages business professionals, business, students, and others.

These executive memoirs and biographies are 150-page electronic books that come in various formats and include companion products such as:

  • Print-on-demand book
  • Chapter Summary
  • Chapter Study Guide
  • Audio book
  • Presentation
  • 4-minute video
  • Video conference.

The Braun Collection Portal is in development and coming soon!

Ordinarily, anything to do with accounting and finance makes my eyes glaze over. I seem incapable of grasping even basic concepts. Your writing style was simple, clear, and in a word–understandable. You managed to humanize finance! I finally understand a little about the function and value of investment banks.*

*As a ghostwriting firm, Braun Ink doesn’t aggressively publicize kudos for books it has ghostwritten; for instance, we don’t place the names of books next to kudos, so as to keep them anonymous. However, we do post and celebrate the kudos!